Trackchair Eagle – FDA Cleared

The FDA-cleared  Action Trackchair Eagle provides freedom, independence and mobility…no matter where life takes you. A tough, rugged, dependable mobility solution. Made custom for you.

The Eagle Trackchair has the patented tilt functionality with the special comfort seating, an adjustable back cushion that provides lateral support & scapular relief, a base cushion to relieve friction & pressure, a 20-amp battery charger, tilt-on-the-fly rocker switch, flat cushioned arm pads, adjustable-height footrest, Type II tracks, rear stability wheels, lap seatbelt, and independent flip-up arms. A variety of upgrades and modifications are available.

Their exclusive patented “Tilt on the Fly” seat adjustment system provides the ultimate in operator comfort. You select the seat angle that fits your preference as you go off the hard surface on the way to your favorite destination.

The Trackchair difference means that you can select from 5 unique models — 14 different sizes. Pick from 18 color choices. Enjoy over 30 options and accessories that will ensure the Trackchair is customized to your lifestyle.

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McCabe Outdoor Mobility offers a variety of power and manual wheelchair options at competitive pricing.  Brands we carry include the Zoom Chair, Action Trackchair, Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Compass Health, EV Rider, Innovation in Motion and more.  Please call us so that we can assist you in determining the chair for your needs.