Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

Golden Technologies offers a variety of lift chair designs and styles.  From small size to XL Tall, and from three-position to full-recline.  They also offer a value lift chair and a maxi-comfort line.  Golden Technologies Lift Chairs can provide the most calming seating and resting comfort as well as comfortable, restorative sleep.

Lift Chairs With Patented Twilight Technology

Golden Power lift chair recliners with patented positioning technology,

MaxiComfort Lift Chair Recliners

Patented lift recliner technology glides smoothly into unlimited positions,

Signature Lift Chair Recliners

3-Positon lift chair recliners with unique features!

Comforter Small To Tall Lift Chair Recliners

3-position power lift recliners available in 7 different sizes!

DeLuna Series Lift Chair Recliners

Power lift chair recliners for the most calming comfort and restorative sleep.

Value Lift Recliners

Maximum Value lift recliners with maximum comfort!